Spare parts for trucks, busses and trailers.

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  • In our Truck Accessories offer you will find many product groups, including:

    Pneumatic accessories:  elbows with thread, sealing kits, plugs, steam traps, rings, teak rings, lock nuts, spiral hoses, teak hoses, internal reduction, voss quick couplers, hydraulic quick couplings, metal quick couplings, plastic quick couplings, tees, hydraulic hose forges, emergency teak couplings, threaded double-sided couplings, rubber hose couplings and teak joint couplings.

    Tachograph accessories: digital tachograph paper and digital tachograph dials. 

    Batteries for trucks and buses: Banner Batterien, Bosch and ZAP batteries.

    Electrical articles for lorries: car fuses, clamps, electrical cables, signals, fans, plugs and sockets and electrical connectors. 

    Mudguards for trucks: metal mudguards, plastic mudguards and mudguards attachments.

    Automotive chemicals: engine additives, adhesives, rust removers, hand polishes and gels, windscreen washers, insect removers, bodywork preparations, other preparations, multifunctional preparations, silicones, shampoos, cockpit cleaners and car odours. 

    Heavy duty caps: metal lorry caps, stainless lorry caps, plastic lorry caps and lorry pin caps.

    Load securing systems: beams, wedge bars, belt protectors, chain lashings, transport belts, load securing nets and slings.

    Oils and greases for trucks: Agip oils and greases, Castrol oils and greases, Jasło oils and greases, Liqui Moly oils and greases, Mobil oils and greases, Orlen oils and greases and Texaco oils and greases.

    Additional lighting: adr, flash, contour, working, composite and retro-reflective lamps.

    Vehicle marking: vehicle stickers, vehicle warning signs, contour plates and warning triangles.

    Service fluids: Adblue and brake fluids for trucks and buses.

    Bus and truck wipers: Bosch wipers trucks, Hella wipers trucks, MTX wipers trucks and SWF wipers trucks.

    Additional equipment for lorries: car kit, car fire extinguishers, warning vests, carniges, wheel chocks, fuel corks, funnels, customs cables, towing cables, wristbands, piping, tarpaulins, washers, hydraulic jacks, fire extinguisher containers, tool boxes, lubricators, grease guns, washing brushes, insulation tapes, protection of fuel fillers, water tanks for trucks and Adr sets.

    Truck cabin equipment: carpets for lorries and buses, covers for lorries and polishes for lorries.

    Winter accessories for trucks and buses: diesel additives, starter cables, snow chains for trucks, defrosters, radiator fluids, pneumatic fluids, scrapers and coolant testers.

    Light - bulbs for trucks, semi-trailers and buses: Bosch truck bulbs, Ermax truck bulbs, Golden truck bulbs, Hella truck bulbs and Tungsram truck bulbs.

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